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Each day we make numerous choices impacting how we procure and source our materials, water, energy, food and services.

Sustainable Procurement requires having a basic understanding of the web of life and how all is connected.

From Space our SpaceShip Earth is Blue, and so our oceans and sky.
Procurement is the power we all have to make the right decisions that are restorative and good of our Spaceship Earth
Blue Procurement mission is to bring nature back to the negotiation table, Her wisdom makes it possible to do more with what we have and have a good business case.

The tools are there. We only need to be brave to embark on one of the most inspiring quest to let nature become our teacher again.

Blue Procurement is believes we best can just start and do using a down to earth and sound entrepreneurship mindset.

Blue Procurement accelerates clients to eliminate waste in their process, products and manufacturing in order to create healthy profitable organisations which

1) Utilize all available resources

2) Have impact on the environment

3) Contribute to society as a whole

“The true method of knowledge is experiment” –
William Blake
“Sustainability is when our system eliminates the notion of waste and starts cascading nutrients & energy as nature does.” Gunter Pauli
You are doing all you can on sustainability, Circular Economy, future adoption of your business models and Lean management.

Yet you still feel there are areas of improvement where business meets environment and society.

Ever considered applying an innovative lean business model framework that is able to take full advantage of the circular economy wave?

A constant improvement program that has the flexibility in these uncertain times when needed?

ZERO Emissions is a lean innovation framework that impacts your sustainability profile by applying Systemic Design in the heart of your organisation.

This framework brings cost effective solutions based on natures principles for Processes, Products and Manufacturing challenges re-structuring your supply chain and industrial cluster eliminating waste all together.

Blue Procurement is specialised in supporting organisation and regions identifying a roadmap that strengthen regional resilience by:

* introducing nature as new perspective solving our Circular challenge
* Providing global innovative entrepreneurial solutions,
* Introducing systemic business models that challenges design, source, fabricate and manufacture products

Together with Blue Procurement you can …

  • Create investment and business opportunities that lower costs, reduce risks and improve market share all at the same time
  • Create strategic economic and environmental value within your region through strategic clustering of local business opportunities. More value, more jobs and more innovation.
  • Use your financial flow as sustainable innovation toolbox to Identify new cashflows based on your spend analysis, business performance and sales results
  • Create business opportunities through strategic clustering of value streams with suppliers and clients
  • Use your spend analysis as sustainable innovation tool to find new cashflows in the supply chain by identifying new strategic partnerships with suppliers and clients.
  • Learn how to redefine your tenders to get the suppliers that contribute to your regenerative business system model.
  • Create Engineering & Design innovations based on natures principles and the basic laws of physics.

Blue Procurement is a multi layer systemic design toolbox.

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I’m an independent researcher, circular business model expert and entrepreneur. I’m studying at the University of Life with the Masters of Beautiful Achievements MBA learning best practises from Entrepreneurs, designers and scientists.

With Blue Procurement I’m supporting companies to generate more value out of business (eco)nomics using (Eco)logy as starting point to create industrial (eco)systems to more with what locally is available.

In my previous life as Headhunter for Supply Chain en Procurement positions I vividly remember how in 2010 Sustainable Procurement got on the agenda.The more I learned about the implication of our current industrial business models the more I understood change is needed.

I believe that each of us is an Procurement professionals and we play a key role in the current transition. With the right knowledge we will be able to drive each organisation into sustainable doing, no matter what position you work in!


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